We are able to provide all the services with the oral-surgical procedures in order to solve the more difficult and complicated conditions in the oral cavity. Thanks to modern techniques and modern apparatus all oral-surgical procedures are solved minimally invasive and in one place. An essential part of moder oral surgery is implantology. A dental implant is an artificial compensation of one or more teeth which durability can be lifelong. Insertion of implants is done under local anesthesia and operative and postoperative course is usually painless. A patient feels an implant as his/her own tooth.


  • extraction of teeth and residual roots

  • surgical removal of impacted teeth

  • apicoectomy and cystectomy

  • resection of frenulum

  • gingivectomy and gingivoplasty

  • deepening the alveolar ridge

  • implants placement (Bredent – Germany)

  • sinus lift - raising of the sinus

  • bone augmentation – the bone upgrade

  • corrective surgery on soft tissues