Modern orthodontics allows correction of the position of the teeth and bite to the smile that you have always wanted and reduces the risk of caries, uneven wear of teeth and the withdrawal of the upper meat (gingiva).
Nowadays, orthodontics treatment is done to the children as well to adults, as follows:
1. by mobile devices
2. by fixed appliances, metal and aesthetic braces
3. by fixed appliances – Damon system

Why should you choose Damon?

Damon system is fixed applaiance of a new generation offered by our clinic as well. Damon, using a gentle, biological force gives a natural, full and wide smile. Advantages of Damon system are:
  • high aesthetics
  • a small number of check-ups
  • shorter duration of treatment
  • the less need for tooth extraction
  • improvement of face appearance

Ortho-therapy is not a luxury, it is a necessity that can not be ignored.